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Her beauty was incomparable and she looked like a delicate carving. She wore a long purple dress and was draped in green, she had eyes as clear as crystal and skin as smooth as jade. Her every action and smile was full of charm. The charm she emitted even caused women to blush whilst looking at her.

After reaching True Mystic Rank[]

Zhao Yufei’s skin was as smooth as jade and even gave off a faint light, like a flower. Her face seemed pure and holy under the light and she was the centre of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that beckoned to her call. She felt the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was like her mother and every action and breath of hers could summon Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The compatibility rate was ten times more than normal True Mystic Ranks, on par with a True Lord Rank.


She has the Bloodline of one of the Ten thousand ancient races, the Spiritual Race, ranked 19th. This allows her to have a better connection with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi resulting in much faster cultivation speed than cultivators at the same level. It would be possible that her bloodline has the effect to make her more attractive according to her cultivation.



  • Butterfly Palm
  • Three Breaths Technique (High Rank)
  • Air Crossing Breathing Technique (High Rank)
  • Cloud Leaf Ferry (Peak Rank)
  • Spiritual Wind Slice (Peak Rank)
  • Dance of a Thousand Leaves (Half Holy Rank)
  • Purple Heaven Sacred Technique


Realm and Level Chapter
1 - Consolidated Realm
3rd Level 7
4th Level 35
5th Level 46
6th Level 69
7th Level 87
8th Level 100
2 - Ascend Realm
5th Sky 210
6th Sky 222

3 - True Spirit Realm

3.1 - True Human
Late Stage 324
Peak Stage 364
3.2 - True Mystic
Beginning Stage 371
Early Stage 381
3.3 - True Lord
Late Stage 534
Peak Stage 592
4 - Origin Core Realm
4.2 - Great Origin Core
Late Stage 674
Peak Stage 676

5 - Void God Realm 

5.1 - Void God King 
Early Stage  790
Middle Stage 808
Late Stage 841

6 - Mystic Light Realm

Initial Stage 1049
Early Stage 1074
Late Stage 1096
Peak Stage (Sacred King) 1137

Rank Four Quasi-God

Rank Five Quasi-God



7 - Heavenly Divine Realm
7.1 - True God
Rank 5 1289
7.2 - Ancient God
7th Rank 1407
8th Rank 1428
Peak 9th Rank 1467
Half-Step God Lord
8 - God Lord Realm
1st Heaven 1515