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Some say a few disciples of the Zhao sect would use these precious pills from birth to strengthen their bodies. Before reaching 10 years of age, they had already broken through the 1st rank of the Martial Path, gaining a certain advantage compared to others.

Family Sparring Contest[]

Rewards :[]

  • Top three can choose a peak rank skill, two high ranked skills and will also get a “Yun Blood Pill"
  • Top ten can choose two high rank martial arts and will also get a five-hundred year old blood plant
  • Top twenty can choose two high ranked martial arts skill and will get two, three-hundred year old blood plants
  • Top fifty will become inner disciples and will have the chance to enter the second floor of the Martial Arts Library and choose a high rank martial art skill. They will also receive a three-hundred year old blood plant.


Only the outer disciples will participate and only fifty of the five hundred and twenty two people will proceed to the final tournament.

First round:

The contestants will be split into ten groups, spread over the ten stages. out of every stage’s contestants, ten people would be chosen out of the fifty-ish people to proceed to the next round. in each group: once one lost a total of ten matches one was eliminated. The matches would not stop until there were only ten people left. But, if one could win twenty matches in a row one would automatically be promoted to the second round.

Second round:

Of the 100 outer disciples half will be eliminated, leaving fifty to enter the final tournament. The ranking was done by gaining points, everyone started with one point and every match they won would increase their points by one, with every loss one point would be deducted. Finally, the fifty people with the most points would fight against the inner disciples.


First place: Zhao Feng
Second place: Zhao Yufei
Third place: Zhao Yue
Fourth place: Zhao Gan
Ninth place: Zhao Yijian


spot challenge:

People challenged one another in this tournament. The first round Spot Challenge was when the fifty outer disciples challenged the fifty inner disciples. If they won, they took the place of the inner disciples. Every outer disciple had three chances to challenge someone. If they lost all three challenges then they would remain outer disciples. If inner Disciple is defeated they can challenge someone else for their spot.

Ranking challenge:

The ones ranked behind would challenge the ones ranked higher. If they won, they would replace the opponent’s rank. Everyone only had three chances to challenge someone. If they were successful, they still had three chances, but if they failed, their chances decreased by one. The ones ranked last challenged others first. It started with rank fifty. Ranking chalenge consists of three rounds.


First: Zhao Linlong
Second: Zhao Chi
Third: Zhao Feng
Fourth: Zhao Han
Fifth: Zhao Yufei
Sixth: Zhao Qin
Seventh: Zhao Bing

Faction Ranking[]

Unnotable (Brokan Moon Sect, which is a quarter star, can send a few outer disciples to crush the zhao family)


  • Sky Martial Field