King Of Gods Wiki

When one reached the Void God Realm or higher, their descendants had the ability to inherit a bloodline power.Apparently, those at the Void God Realm have touched the level of the soul and can travel freely around the universe. After generations of various Great Emperors competing various bloodlines have mixed and undergone variation to produce the Emperor Path Bloodlines. Because, the concentration of Immemorial bloodlines in the Foreign Territories is low, Emperor Path bloodlines tend to dominate and match Immemorial bloodlines because they are not as thin and are more easily awakened than Immemorial Bloodlines. Once cultivators reach the True God level Emperor bloodlines generally loose any significant advantage.

A god of emptiness travels through the dimension of the soul. Therefore, its speed is unsurpassed for those who only move through the physical environment.

The greatest feature of this kingdom is traveling through the void and the most powerful could even destroy a small island like the Blue Flower Continent.

It was shown that the transfer of their powers through emptiness was something common and the protective necklaces created by one could create an image that filled all space seen by a true spirit.

The so-called 'king's intention' was a way of placing the unlimited yuan qi of the crystal of origin and absorption from the mental energy and connecting to a dimension of the soul. Using the real yuan qi to compress everything and make the yuan qi bend thereby controlling the powers of heaven and earth.

The Void Gods use Magnificent Power to create realms of law. The emperors could bring this realm to reality and refine it in their own part of heaven and earth


Void God King + Void God Great Emperor

  • Early Stage
  • Middle Stage
  • Late Stage
  • Peak Stage

Void God Great Emperor  Four tiers

  • Normal
  • Peak
  • Unrivalled
  • Quasi Sacred Lord