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  • Weapon’s shop
  • Sky Cloud Forest -was the County of Clouds’ biggest forest. Its area extended into over ten other countries.
  • medicine pavilion-owner is very mysterious and it has chain stores in the thirteen countries around here.

Four great geniuses of Sun Feather City[]

Xin Wuheng - was the top genius out of the four

Qiu Mengyu -the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City

Zhao Linlong

Qiu Changyi

Yearly Genius Summit Participants[]

The Zhao family had five: Zhao Linlong, Zhao Chi, Zhao Feng, Zhao Han, and Zhao Yufei.

The Xin family only had three, including Xin Tong who had just reached the fifth rank.

The Qiu family had four, which included Qiu Mengyu and Qiu Changyi, two of the four great geniuses.