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He is the most classified secret of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, the Heaven’s Legacy Cat.

Later, the main body of the six warlock Divine sage said that the small thieving cat is a failure of the ancient race duplication project. This failure lead to a mutation which allows him to copy anyone of the 10,000 ancient race's Bloodline ability. (c1514)

Egg form[]

[Zhao Feng’s eyes then landed on another target. It was a grey egg around the size of a fist with weird lines carved on it. Even though Zhao Feng opened his left eye, he still couldn’t see through the egg.

What was more unbelievable was that he caught the faint trace of life within the egg.

Life within the egg?

If Zhao Feng didn’t have his left eye, he wouldn’t even believe this. The Floating Crest Palace was extremely ancient and according to Broken Moon Clan, it was at least tens of thousands of years old.

Tens of thousands of years and it was still alive - it’s life was stronger than anyone could imagine.]

The egg was around the size of a fist and it was a dull grey color. The shell had carvings on it that appeared simple but profound at the same time.The egg shell had strong resistance against True Force.

Cat form[]

Small, furry grey cat that seemed as if it had just been born, around the size of palm or so. It had a pair of glistening black eyes that spun around.The little cat’s intelligence wasn’t just high, it was even higher than Demon Beast Kings's.

The little thieving cat seemed to have a unique ability that allowed it to get close to and communicate with most species, including those with a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline

After reaching god realm (1303)[]

This cat had dark-gray skin, and its limbs were slender and nimble. What differentiated it from ordinary cats was that its four limbs and tail were covered with many bright silver runes and mysterious characters, making it appear mysterious and strange.

This cat appeared quite different from the little thieving cat's original form, as if it had grown up. If not for the contract linking them, Zhao Feng would have almost failed to recognize it. But even though the little thieving cat had experienced some unknown metamorphosis, it still had that wily and evil face.

Activated Bloodline form[]

The little thieving cat was somewhat larger than it was back in the Heaven’s Legacy Race ruins, and its ears had gotten much longer. Its lithe and slender body was bursting with vitality and was extremely pleasing to look at.


He awaken His abilities and bloodline, and also His memories in Chapter 1330.

After that the Small Thieving Cat started using other Bloodline and Races skills.

  1. A sealing method of the God Sealing Race: Chapter 1331
  2. A skill of the Heaven Devouring Race: Chapter 1331
  3. The secret blood art of the Ancient Soul Race, Soul Devouring Strike: Chapter 1355


  • High intelligence
  • High Agility
  • Invisibility
  • Bloodline suppression
  • Can copy every bloodline of the 10,000 ancient races



Cultivation Chapter
Demigod 1155
Heavenly divine realm 1303