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An expert at this level can create a clone who is less powerful than him. They also have to create a Small World or Domain that they can use to suppress enemies. The Domain is created from comprehension of Heaven and Earth. It is ideal for a Domain to contain the five elements to reach maximum stability. Quasi-Gods refer to talented cultivators who could breakthrough to the True God level but due to a desire to establish more platforms and a stabler foundation stay at the Mystic Light level. Generally they have the combat power of a True God of the corresponding level. Due to their association with geniuses they are widely respected as they all generally have a brighter future than other cultivators. In order to breakthrough to the True God level it is crucial to have a lot of Immemorial Source or Qi to induce to the Wild God region. This means that it is much easier for cultivators with Immemorial bloodlines than others to reach the True God level.

The heirlooms made by a mystic Light were produced in different dimensions, that is, a high manipulation of space and time.


  • Initial Stage 
  • Early Stage 
  • Late Stage 
  • Peak Stage (Sacred King)
  • Half-Step Heavenly Divine Realm (Demigod)