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She is the Destiny God eye.

As the Destiny God, she knew the past and future – knew practically everything. But as one knew more and more, one could come upon new problems.

The Destiny God had begun to doubt the world. She wanted to know the truth of this world.

Thus, she chose to seal her Destiny Origin and cast herself into the endless cycle of samsara so as to comprehend the true principles of the world. This was How she met Zhao Feng.


The mysterious daughter of the City Lord stood on the stage covered in a white dress. She was like a Goddess. Just her figure alone gave everyone countless thoughts. She wore a veil, revealing only her watery eyes and gave the crowd a quiet and calm feeling. Although they couldn’t see her appearance, her aura alone made the hearts of the crowd thump.


Realm and Level Chapter
Ascend Realm
7th Sky [1] 257

True Spirit Realm

True Human
Beginning Stage 278
Late Stage 339
Peak Stage 360
True Mystic
Beginning Stage 367
Early Stage 392
Late Stage 400
Peak Stage 418

God Lord Realm




  1. Not her real cultivation