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There are 8 Eyes of God that are the eyes of most powerful eyes. Each one is unique. To obtain a tree of your property or, if your eye bloodline is related to the Eye of God, kill the owner and strengthen your bloodline until it becomes an Eye of God. All the lineages of Eyes descend from the 8 Eyes of God. As long as a grower has an Eye of God he will become a Governing Godking that is equivalent to a Half-world realm.

Zhao Feng possesses the supreme Ancestor Eye of Dream which is not a part of 8 Great God eyes, but one of the Two Ancestor Eyes.

Names of the God Eyes found in Chapter 663: Legend of the Ancestor Eyes

When all Eight Great God Eyes gather, it can summon the Supreme Ancestor Eye of Heavenly Dao which is comparable with the Ancestor Eye of Dream, which can recreate the laws of the universe. However, when the Supreme Ancestor Eye opens, everything in the world will vanish. Apparently, everything in the world is just the 'Dream of the Fan Universe.' When the Ancestor Eye opens, the 'dream' will break.

Ancestor Eyes[]

  • Ancestor Eye of Dream - One of the Two Ancestor Gods of the Ancient Race,The Left eye of Zhao Feng 
  • Ancestral Eye of Heavenly Dao - One of the Two Ancestor Gods of the Ancient Race,The Right eye of Zhao Feng 

God Eyes[]

  1. God Eye of Life -Life God
  2. God Eye of Space-Time - SpaceTime God
  3. God Eye of Divine Punishment - Divine Punishment God
  4. God Eye of Myriad Forms - Myriad Forms God  
  5. God Eye of Destiny - Destiny Goddess
  6. God Eye of Death - Death God
  7. God Eye of Samsara - Samsara Goddess  
  8. God Eye of Destruction - Destruction God  

There were Eight Great God Eyes in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, but they had their fair share of grudges between each other. The Eight Great God Eyes were currently divided into essentially two camps; on one side was the Life God Eye, Divine Punishment God Eye, and Spacetime God Eye. On the other side was the Death God Eye, Samsara God Eye, and Destruction God Eye.

The Myriad Forms God Eye and Destiny God Eye belonged to neither faction. Both sides had tried to recruit these two God Eyes, but they were rather difficult to find, particularly the Destiny God Eye

God Eye Descendants[]

  1. Eye of Life - Han Ning'er, Xiahao Wu, ..
  2. Eye of Death - Emperor of Death, Zhao Wang, Ancient God Black Extreme, Ancient God Departed Spirit, ..
  3. Eye of Spacetime - Zhao Kong, Lin Chengwu, ..
  4. Eye of Destiny - Bai Lin, Liu Qinxin, ..
  5. Eye of Samsara - Samsara Sacred King (Samsara of Death) (Samsara of Life - Zhao Hui), ..
  6. Eye of Destruction - Demigod Destruction, ..
  7. Eye of Myriad Forms - Myriad Forms Sacred Lord, Zhao Wan, Liu Kai, Profound Devil, ..
  8. Eye of Divine Punishment - ..