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Empress Qin was one of the wives of the current Emperor Imperial Clan. Empress Qin’s status and power in the Imperial Clan can be ranked in the top three. Apparently, even the Emperor is played around by her. She has Dao of Charm.


Empress Qin wore a noble dress that draped to the ground and seemed extremely elegant. She had a peerless appearance that seemed to be imprint itself into anyone’s mind. Her every action, every smile had a mysterious power that moved the heart.


Empress Qin is very mysterious. Some say that her beauty is enough to create war and is extremely poisonous; some say she’s extremely intelligent and helped stabilise the Great Country. Empress Qin was someone viewed with different opinions just like other figures in history.

When Zhao Feng gave Si Tumo letter to her she immediately wanted to take him as her stepson but he declined so she offered to be disciple at Qin Sword sect. But just then he showed Three Flowered Treasured Lotus which was given by Water Moon Pirate which acually was his calculated plan so that his inheritor can sleep with her. Seeing this she directly ordered Zhao Feng even thought it has nothing to do with it. Later when she was held captive by Zhao Feng she told him she wanted to kill him secretly, and there were 2 reason she wanted to kill him first "She doesn't want anyone to know that she once fell in love with a village youth(Si Tumo)" 2nd was because he was engaged to Liu Qinxin and her senior martial sister died to change Liu Qinxin destiny. and he was also a key factor."

Just after that little theiveing cat restrained her using Mystic Snake Blood Whip, which abosrbed her blood.

She ecsaped later by using and agreement that in 3 yrs imperial family will not try to kill him or his people around and after that time he will release the seal.(In reality the seal was actually weaking and in 3yrs time it won't even have any affect).

After Zhao Feng came back from cloud country she with 3 more True lord(Qin palace master, firs elder of liu Family and Qin sword sect) tried to kill him when he was forgin wheel of light and darkeness at master Tiegon place, but in the end 3 of them died easily under him and Lord Tiemo attacks.

That time she was going to be killed by Lord Teimo but was saved by zhao Feng as he owed a favour to her master (sage of six divine warlock).