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Great Emperor of Death has the eye of God of death, he is an emperor for many years, after meeting Zhao Feng he tries to steal his ninth god eye.

Zhao Feng killed the emperor of death.[]

Zhao Feng after meeting the samsara eye of dead discovers that the emperor of death was reincarnated.


Bridge of Death: a long-range secret technique to send his will toward the Cang Ocean


Personal Disciples

Four Death Spirit Lords - are all Void God Realms

  • Three males and one female.
  • Yin Yang Lord, the strongest of them as well as their leader. Peak Tier King
  • Black Hell Lord, died for Wen Luoan (can be revived)
  • Witch King
  • Dark Soul King

The Thirty-six Death Guards are elites among the Great Origin Core Realm ranked in strength by their numbers